Welcome to nu!

We are so excited to welcome you to NU and have you become part of the NU Community! Whether you are coming from near or far, the NU Community will make sure that we can ease any worries that you may have about and make sure that your university experience will be rewarding!
Why is the Orientation Week 2022 important?
Provides students with concise and accurate information to make him/her more comfortable in the University
Contributes to a more effective, productive learning environment
Improves student retention
Promotes communication between the University Faculty and Staff and the new students
Encourages student confidence and helps the new students adapt faster to the University
The NU Community has prepared for your arrival, and we are excited to have you join our vibrant community. We are confident that you will do well in the University and have an unforgettable experience.

Orientation for students starting in Fall 2022 is a multiple-part process. Please follow the steps below, designed to help you successfully adapt and transition to the University!
Pre-Orientation Checklist
Orientation Checklist
Registration Guide
Step 1: Check NU Email
NU offers @nu.edu.kz email address to all NU students. Once given access, please check it regularly for further updates regarding Orientation program, Campus arrival, Events and Announcements.
Step 2: Check the Orientation Week Program
At Orientation, all students will be invited to participate in a series of info-sessions, workshops, games and other activities led by student-related Departments, University management, and peers. Click here to download the full schedule of events not to miss out!
Step 3: Watch video about AAO and our services
As you enter the University, AAO will be one of the first to meet and greet you. Academic Advisors at NU AAO are key contact persons for you, who will help you with course selection, academic requirements, University policies and procedures, and campus resources. Know more about the office, our services, how to find us and what events to expect!
Step 4: Familiarize yourself with the Academic Handbook and Degree Programs
Academic Handbook is the primary resource for NU students about the core curriculum, major requirements, academic policies and procedures, and key rules to follow during studies at NU. This is updated each year specifically for the new cohort of students; please refer to the Academic Handbook for students admitted in 2022 only, no earlier Handbooks should be considered. Click here to download the Academic Handbook and watch the video instructions on how to use Academic Handbook effectively.
Step 5: Follow AAO on Social Media
NU AAO is active in keeping up with social media to deliver all announcements and AAO events in a timely manner. NU AAO has its accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, and TikTok.
Use the following link to follow NU AAO & keep updated about key events.

We look forward to seeing you soon! In the meantime, please contact us at aao@nu.edu.kz if you have any questions.
Step 1: Learn about myRegistrar, Moodle, my.nu.edu.kz student platforms
NU offers myRegistrar, Moodle, and my.nu.edu.kz platforms for students to cover all aspects of their student life at NU.
  • Moodle is the online classroom where students can find their registered courses and course-related content (e.g. syllabus, announcements, homeworks, textbooks, etc).
  • myRegistrar is the Registration system where all students can register for and view the school courses, schedule, registration priorities, submit the registration forms, order spravkas and transcripts, and check grades.
  • My.nu.edu.kz Student Portal is an online companion which allows students to access any of the online student services we have, including payments for student services, room booking, or joining student clubs.
Links (password is the same for all platforms):
  • Moodle: moodle.nu.edu.kz
  • myRegistrar: registrar.nu.edu.kz
  • My.nu.edu.kz
In case you have any troubles with accessing these pages, please contact IT Helpdesk.
Step 2: Attend AAO Info-Sessions on Course Registration
At Orientation, AAO will deliver info-sessions to explain the procedure for course registration, academic requirements, priority and exquisite registration, and key courses to take in the upcoming semester. These sessions will be moderated by the AAO Academic Advisor assigned to you, and followed by a Q & A session. The session usually lasts for one hour.
Click here to download Full schedule of AAO Events.

Step 3: Sign Up for and Participate in AAO Mock Registration
Prior to course registration in the Fall Semester, all first year students are invited to attend the Mock registration sessions to help students understand and avoid any mistakes in the actual registration process. Mock Registration sessions are arranged by AAO Fellows, junior and senior experienced students who are eager to share registration tips and guide you on the whole process. This will be followed by the Q&A sessions.
We will have 2 mock registration sessions both online and offline on Tuesday at 2 PM and 3 PM. Invitations to mock sessions will be sent via email, check email from NU AAO. If you have a laptop or tablet device, bring that with you to the session for mock registration.

Click here to download the schedule for mock registration sessions.
Zoom links:
SSH, SoM - TUE - 2 PM - LINK

Step 4: Learn how to schedule an appointment with your Advisor
Each NU student is assigned to one AAO Advisor. You can find your advisor on myRegistrar under the Personal Schedule section.
As you know your advisor, you can make an appointment with the Advisor to discuss your questions or concerns. Appointments are made via the AAO website aao.nu.edu.kz. Click here to watch the video instructions on how to make an appointment with an Advisor.
Step 5: Register for the courses for the Fall Semester
Use the Academic Handbook to see which courses to register for the upcoming semester, consult the website of the Office of the Registrar to see the registration priorities and check the date for the registration, talk to your advisor about the recommended courses, and register for it!
Registration is available on myRegistrar under the Course Registration section.

We look forward to seeing you soon! In the meantime, please contact us at aao @nu.edu.kz if you have any questions.
Step 6: Pay Attention to Fall 2022 Key Semester Dates
This is to kindly inform you that the key dates for the AY 2022-2023 are now available on the homepage of the Office of the Registrar, under Academic Calendars. The Academic Calendars posted only on the registrar's website shall be considered official and valid.

For your convenience, we are providing links to the webpage of the Office of the Registrar with academic calendars.
Course registration is where you sign up for your courses. You can do this online in your myRegistrar account. To find more and prepare for the upcoming registration, please download the AAO Registration Guidebook below.
AAO Events
The AAO will also deliver online Q&A sessions designed for each School and Majors prior to registration for the Fall semester on August 8 and 9 (Monday - Tuesday). These Q&A sessions will consist of explanation of your Major program requirements, Registration for courses and the remaining part will be dedicated to your questions.
August 8 - 9
In order to facilitate the Registration process for you, we are organizing a Mock Registration, where you can practice registering for courses as if you are doing it for real and get familiar with MyRegistrar interface. A live demo of course registration by the AAO fellows will take place on August 9 (Tuesday). Also, https://testregistrar.nu.edu.kz site will be available for you, so that you can practice by yourself anytime. Login and password will be the same as in your MyRegistrar account.
August 9
Find here all the necessary Orientation materials to guide you on registration, course scheduling and academic requirements, and other university-related matters.
Follow the Mask Etiquette and Mandate
Put the Mask & Protect Yourself and Others
Use hand sanitizer before proceeding
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