Peer-Advising Office
We are well-trained junior and senior students who are willing to assist you with academic requirements, course selection, study skills and help students navigate university resources.
We'd love to meet you and help you with your studies

Our team

Adina Fazyl
Team leader
4th year, Biological Sciences
At the beginning of my university life, it was challenging for me to get used to the new environment, even though I knew that it was going to be a great time. Knowing that there could be students feeling the same, I decided to join the Peer Advisors team so I can listen to your concerns and provide assistance and support whenever you need it.
Therefore, my goal as a peer advisor is to help you adapt to life at NU. I will use my personal experience and knowledge of student life to advise and support you. I hope your freshman year will be enjoyable and wonderful.
Dana Aubakirova
Team leader
4th year, Mathematics
Being an academic peer advisor is an incredible chance of giving back to the NU community that gives us so much. It is all about inspiring and empowering those who want to be their best versions. And I am extremely happy to have this rewarding experience of contributing to the intellectual and personal growth of students. I am aware of what difficulties and concerns settling into a new university life might bring to a freshman student. Moreover, I have a firsthand experience of overcoming these difficulties and developing the skills necessary to succeed in both academic and social life. Having undergone the special training, now I am ready to offer support, and assistance to these students in attaining their social and academic goals.
Aisha Saparali
Peer advisor
3rd year, Political Science and International Relations
Coming from an ordinary school-lyceum with a non-English environment in one of the most traditional and stereotyped parts of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, as a freshman student, I faced a lot of hardships in my exploration of NU academic and social life. Because of having a mentor in the second year of my studies and also making mistakes on my own, I was able to adapt to university life and am now willing to help others in that process. As they say, life is a boomerang and because of this let me be your mentor just like the one that I had. Let me help you to create wonderful memories of university life by lessening some of the burdens you might face.
Arna Aimysheva
Peer advisor
3rd year, Robotics Engineering
I am a 3rd year Robotics student, who hesitated a lot before choosing. However, I made decisions on my own, which was hard. I would like to help you with your struggles and overcome them with you. 
I am ready to talk with you not only related to course requirements or major choice. I will be more than happy to talk about how to be socially active and enhance your leadership skills. How to improve time management skills, how to combine part time job and study, how to make decisions in hard times. I hope I can be your friend to ask any questions, share any doubts and motivate each other.
Damira Dairabayeva
Peer advisor
3rd year, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
As a freshman student, I felt overwhelmed with a transition to university life and had many questions about courses and extracurriculars. Now, I would like to share my knowledge to help you with adaptation to our wonderful community.
I hope I become the trustworthy peer advisor you can always turn to if you have any concerns. Together, we can overcome many challenges and ensure you have the most memorable and exciting student experience.
Ayana Temirbek
Peer advisor
4rd year, Economics
Having been admitted to Nazarbayev University via direct admission, I had chosen my major long ago before university life started; however, after taking various courses, I have been tempted by interesting and prospective work opportunities in other majors. Having experienced these concerns about the right choice of future profession, I have decided to join the Peer Advising team so as to share my experience and help you to find the best solution of all.
Hopefully, now I am confident and satisfied with my choice as the 4th year Economics major student, also pursuing a minor in Mathematics, and I believe I am capable of giving you valid recommendations on choosing the right major, pursuing minor or not, and combining part-time job and studies. During these hard times for all of us, I would like to provide you with advice and support and make you feel a part of the NU community.
Malika Rakhymzhanova
Peer advisor
3rd year, Political Science and International Relations

Leading a very active social and academic life at university I have plenty of experience and wisdom to share. I have always assisted my friends and colleagues with their questions and they were the ones, who encouraged me to apply to peer advising. Also, in the past, I have received valuable support from advisers myself, and now I would be glad to give back and assist each and every one of you. I can imagine all the hardships the freshmen may experience during their first encounters at university, especially during these tough times, and I’m ready to provide assistance to ease this period as much as I can. I think my experience with working in multiple student organizations and clubs, while maintaining a pretty high academic standing, will help me give the best support to the incoming freshmen with all of their obstacles.

Meruyert Togaibekova
Peer advisor
3rd year, Economics

I know how hard it can be during your first year at the university. You may have some questions about course selection, extracurricular activities, and many other things. I managed to learn about these thanks to my advisers and peers. And now, as an experienced junior student, I want to help you gain the most from university life and assist you in overcoming your difficulties. I want to bring the feeling of comfort and enjoyment to you by sharing my own experience and knowledge. Hopefully, I'll become a supporting peer to you, making your university journey enjoyable as much as possible!

Nargiz Kapasheva
Peer advisor
4rd year, History
Here is my statement: I hope to support your academic and personal journey in our university! I know that there is a lot of pressure to perform, be an active member of the NU community. You do not have to bear all of it alone, as there are a lot of like-minded people waiting for you.
Aidana Rakhmankulova
Peer advisor
3rd year, Biological Sciences

I want to share my experience and knowledge regarding any academic and extracurricular activities for new students since, during my 1st year of studies, I really wished to talk to someone to get to know the University and ask for advice. I hope my support and advice will at least navigate you and help with different struggles, obstacles, doubts you may have during your new University life! Keep in touch whenever and wherever you want. I will always be there for you to make your new life chapter brighter!) See you:)

Aruzhan Myrzatayeva
Peer advisor
3rd year, Mining Engineering, Minor in Geology
When I was in my 1st year I thought that I’m not in the place I should be. I did not know who and how to ask for help, because of my miscommunication. For me, it was surprising that my advisor wrote to me and asked if I wanted to have a conversation. She showed that with a little support a student can get off his knees and become a machine. As a peer advisor, I consider myself as a friend, reliable person and instructor. 
Hope I can help to improve the student's academic standing, solving his life and academic issues.
Adema Yergara
Peer advisor
3rd year, Computer Science
My motivation to be a peer advisor was to help undergraduate students to figure out the hacks to succeed in their major. As a freshman myself I used to look for advisers/mentors who could guide me. I couldn't find good mentors and now my aim is to be one myself. I am just trying to be the person who I needed when I was younger and I hope I can be helpful for students. 
If interested, please send your resume to
Apply for this position if you are/have:
  • a 3rd/4th-year student
  • in Good Academic Standing
  • good communication skills
  • a friendly, welcoming attitude
  • socially active
The basic responsibilities of Peer Advisors:
  • to be able to commit up to 10 hours/week
  • guide students on course selection, academic program requirements, major exploration
  • to be able for advising appointment, walk-ins, email requests
  • advise students on-campus resources
  • support AAO in the organization of different events
  • managing social media
  • duration is one semester
The benefits of being a Peer Advisor:
  • learn more about NU and contribute to the better experience of the first-year student
  • professional references and letters of recommendation upon successful completion (asset for your graduate application)
  • gain valuable experience working in a professional setting, close interaction with the AAO staff