Meet SSF Team
SSF Team includes AAO Fellows and Tutors
AAO Fellows

AAO Fellows are well-trained junior and senior students who work at NU AAO throughout the academic year to support students in their first year of studies at NU.

During the summer term, AAO Fellows are available online in the Telegram chat to answer questions & assist students with questions related to the academic resources or campus life.

We are here to connect first-year students with the campus resources they need in order to be as successful as possible and become self-directed students.

AAO Fellows Responsibilities
Meeting with freshmen online and in-person to provide assistance with questions about major selection, academic requirements, internships, research experience, and career plans
Answering questions in the Telegram chat "UG101: Intro to Student Life". The link can be found here
Leading the series of workshops and activity-based discussions under the "Freshman Marathon Challenge" in cooperation with the Freshman Experience Program Coordinators for students to excel their skills and learn from their peers
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