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Student Mobility - in-person or online academic, research and/or cultural experience that a student is undertaking at the Host Institution for a period of time. Student Mobility is not mandatory, it is additional opportunities that Nazarbayev University provides for students. 

There are four student mobility forms: 

  1. Academic Exchange - one or two semesters credit bearing program on a reciprocal basis with subsequent transfer of credits. Inter-institutional agreement is a must. Note: Exchange students are nominated by Home Institutions (NU Schools); 
  2. Study abroad program - summer term OR module of the program credit bearing program at Host Institution on a non-reciprocal basis, with the possibility of transfer of credits. 
  3. Cultural mobility program - short-term cultural exploration visit abroad (1week-1 month, non-credit bearing). 
  4. Research Internships - allow students to undertake research experiences preliminarily approved by School (often credit bearing). 

For more information and questions please contact Office of Global Relations.  

Students can order enrollment verification certificate online through Myregistrar on the registrar's website. The service is available only during working hours from 8:30 till 17:30 on working days. 

Instructions can be found here.

Step 1. Contact your doctor

Medical certificates might be issued the same day when you miss your classes. Here you can find the clinic to claim medical service and sick leave certificate (spravka). If you can't find your clinic, please, contact

Step 2

Send high-quality (with good resolution) image of spravka to: and

Email subject: Student's name_School_Year_Spravka

Indicate the following information: city, name of the clinic, contacts, name of the doctor and his/her contacts, your contact, ID and IIN.

Image of spravka must have good resolution so we can read stamps and the following detail that should be stated in the email.

Step 3. Verification and approval

UHC specialists will contact the clinic or/and doctor for further verification and enter the details to electronic database. Please follow-up and to confirm approval.

Step 4

Submit the original spravka to UHC reception upon arrival.

IMPORTANT!!! Please keep the original spravka for further submission to UHC reception upon your arrival on campus.

If you registered at UHC, call 8(7172)692616, 692606, 692727 to get medical service and sick leave certificate (spravka). No further action is required for verification.

At NU you can issue a certificate for the military registration and enlistment office. Certificates are issued by military enlistment specialist in order to keep records of students at the military department who are liable for military service. To obtain a certificate you can contact

There are 7 residential halls (blocks) at Nazarbayev University with approximately over 80% of students residing on campus. Residential halls of student dormitories are equiped with study rooms, laundry facilities, mini markets, vending machines, barber shop, canteens and medical office. Announcements for residing on campus are sent by the Student Housing of Department of Student Services. For more information you can contact  

Student Fund resources are created to raise funds for the development and support students’ life and funding student activities by the means received. The fund resources support implementation of student ideas and projects through more than 100 student clubs and organizations, covering various spheres of intellectual development, scientific research, creativity, entertainment, culture, art, and sports. Get to know more about contribution to the fund and its projects here

Degree Audit is the process of checking students' progress in their chosen degree program(s). This allows students to see how their courses apply to requirements and what requirements they have remaining to graduate. You can contact School Office in order to find out your current status toward fulfilling your degree requirements. School Office contacts can be found here