Meet SSF Team
SSF Team includes AAO Fellows and Tutors
AAO Tutors

AAO Tutors are experienced sophomore and junior students of different majors helping freshmen engage their active learning and develop critical thinking skills.

Tutors help students learn how to learn and find answers on their own. They also provide assistance with skills outside the course content to teach note-taking skills, reading strategies, and writing tips.

AAO Tutors Responsibilities
Meeting one-to-one and in a group with students to teach the academic content on CHEM101, CHEM102, PHYS161, PHYS162, ECON101, ECON102, CSCI151, CSCI152, MATH161, and MATH162 courses. Each tutor for each class holds regular office hours during the week for students to sign up for the meeting and attend it to discuss course-related questions.
Answering questions in the Telegram course chats. The link can be found here.
Leading the midterm/final exam preparation sessions throughout the semester to share course content, conduct mock tests and discuss course-related questions taken from past tests and examinations. The schedule of preparation sessions for each class can be found here.
Sign up for an appointment with AAO Tutors
Fill in the form to ask for tutor assistance with course-related content material. Please indicate the course subject & course topic you would like to discuss with AAO Tutors. As you submit the form, expect an email back from AAO Tutors with the exact date of the meeting and other details
Block 9, Room 9119
Nazarbayev University
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