The Academic Advising Office was established in 2018 and since then has been providing undergraduate students with the support they need in their studies. During your first year, you may feel frustrated and confused as if everything is thrown at you at once. But do not get cold feet. You can always refer to our office.

We value individual approach and strive to build a strong bond with every student during one-to-one sessions. Share your concern and get recommendations on how to overcome it.

Remember, we advise - you decide.

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Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor if you want to:
Major choice
Find out in-depths about different degree programs' requirements
Course selection
Plan your next semester’s schedule and get advice on course selection
Transfer process
Consider changing Major/School and support during the transfer process
Discuss academic performance
Get support on Academic Warning and Probation cases
Policies and Procedures
Get information on policies and procedures at the University and Schools
Resources and opportunities
Find out more about resources and opportunities available at the University
AAO Activities
Sign up for Freshman Marathon Challenge by AAO Fellows
Sep. 5, 2022
AAO Fellows
Academic Advisors are holding one-to-one appointments. How can you book one?
Aug. 15, 2022
Academic Advising
The Freshman Marathon Challenge is a challenge to run one marathon in one month as a great opportunity for you to help advance your academic and life skills, while challenging yourself to learn new material and strategies for self-management. The SSF Team and Freshman Experience Program Coordinators are here to support and encourage you in your first-year journey at NU, while you do your best for personal development.
AAO Fellows
We are introducing group-advising sessions as a new approach to traditional academic advising to enhance existing methods and provide support to students in a time-efficient way. Joined by AAO fellows, sessions will have a fun and informative format, with games, open discussions, and engaging group activities.

AAO Academic Advisors
August 29
We are happy to invite you to MAJORS FAIR 2022!
You will have a great chance to find out more about each undergraduate major, their curriculum, research, and career opportunities.
During the Fair, faculty, junior/senior students and alumni from all undergraduate majors will be there to talk more about their departments, share their experience and answer your questions.

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