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The Freshman Marathon Challenge is a challenge to run one marathon in one month as a great opportunity for you to help advance your academic and life skills, while challenging yourself to learn new material and strategies for self-management. The SSF Team and Freshman Experience Program Coordinators are here to support and encourage you in your first-year journey at NU, while you do your best for personal development.

Marathon Overview

Marathon Agenda

First-year students can sign up for the Marathon for one-month commitment. The students will be enrolled in one group and will be required to participate in all the workshops, discussions & submit the checklists. Each week students will receive training material and practice to excel their skills on a new topic, and discuss it with the Guest Speakers and Marathon leaders.
Marathon Enrollment
Only 50 seats will be available for one marathon, first come-first served.
Intakes are for September, October, and November 2022.
Student Benefits
Upon the successful completion of the Marathon Challenge, students will be given an e-version of the Certificate of Participation. The most active participants will be given the AAO Prizes.
Marathon Program
September, October, November 2022
Week 1
Transition to University
Week 2
Communication Skills
Zarina Syzdykova, Academic Advisor at NU AAO
Netiquette, Barriers to Effective Communication, Leadership and Followers
Week 3
Aikerim Daurenbayeva, Academic Advisor at NU AAO
Goal-setting skills, Learning How to Learn, Time Management
Week 4
Marathon Wrap-Up
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