AAO Student Support Fellowship Program
Peers helping peers make the right connection

This program is designed for sophomore, junior and senior students to contribute towards the freshman success and promote AAO services among the student community.

Program Mission
Assist freshmen with the academic requirements and university life for them to know that they have senior fellows whom they can ask for support and help, and develop skills that freshmen would like to excel at.
Program Goals
University adaptation
Sharing student experience with freshmen to help them adapt to university life and navigate campus resources
Develop self-directed students
Helping freshmen to develop self-management skills and become independent learners
Improve student culture
Build productive and trustful relationships among students to contribute to the livelihood of the NU Community
SSF Events
Individual and Group Consultations
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Time to go for assistance in understanding and making connections between your personal goals and your educational career. This is a collaborative educational process in which you are an active participant. You and AAO Fellows are partners in pursuing your academic success
Freshman Marathon Challenge
Read more about the Freshman Marathon Challenge here.
The Freshman Marathon Challenge is a challenge to run one marathon in one month as a great opportunity for you to help advance your academic and life skills, while challenging yourself to learn new material and strategies for self-management. The SSF Team and Freshman Experience Program Coordinators are here to support and encourage you in your first-year journey at NU, while you do your best for personal development
Tutoring Sessions
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Meeting one-to-one and in a group with students to teach the academic content on CHEM101, CHEM102, PHYS161, PHYS162, ECON101, ECON102, CSCI151, CSCI152, MATH161, and MATH162 courses. Each tutor for each class holds regular office hours during the week for students to sign up for the meeting and attend it to discuss course-related questions


SSF Team Members to guide freshmen in their university adaptation


Online help in Student Chat "UG101: Intro to Student Life"


Average number of meetings in one semester

365 days

SSF Assistance available to all