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The Freshman Marathon Challenge is a great opportunity for you to help advance your academic and life skills, while challenging yourself to learn new material and strategies for self-management. The AAO Team is here to support and encourage you in your first-year journey at NU, while you do your best for personal development.

What to Expect on the Marathon?

You will define your true goals and priorities for the academic year
You will overcome the barriers to effective communication and wrong fears and hesitations
And...finally achieve high!

Marathon is designed to advance your skills and craft your studies to become a better version of yourself

Marathon Speakers

Sharing their stories and tips, Marathon speakers will empower you to continue achieving your educational goals and master the life skills.

Their expertise in the educational, communication, management and psychology fields is strengthened by practice and their life experience.

Who Can Participate in the Marathon?

Marathon is designed for all first-year students eager to learn new things, improve their skills and make a change in their lives for the better future

"If you are a direct student, even if you graduated from the foundation program, I recommend working closely with the AAO because they will help you get into university life academically and socially."

Ayidana Aidarkyzy

Medical Sciences, Class of 2025

Marathon Overview

First-year students sign up for the Marathon as a two-week commitment. The students will be enrolled in one group and will be required to participate in all the workshops, discussions & submit the checklists. Each week students will receive training material and practice to excel their skills on a new topic, and discuss it with the Guest Speakers and Marathon leaders.
Only 50 seats will be available for one marathon, first come-first served.

Student Benefits
Throughout the marathon, students will submit the checklist on their daily habits to keep track of their changes and self-management.
Upon the successful completion of the Marathon Challenge, students will be given the Certificate of Participation. The most active participants will be given the AAO Prizes.

"This is great way to understand your wishes, true ambitions and priorities. They gave me a realistic overview on various topics."

Anonymous Student

Class of 2025

Marathon Overview

Week 1
Marathon Introduction & Communication Skills
James Swider, NU Writing Center
Eric Wente, NU Centre for Preparatory Studies
Patricia Coleman, NU Writing Center
Assem Mussabekova, NU Career and Advising Center
  • Email Etiquette
  • Self-management
  • Public Speaking
  • Career Path
Week 2
Habits to Adopt in the First Year
Tim Wawn, NU Graduate School of Business
Zhanibek Arynov, NU Graduate School of Public Policy
NU Student Investment Fund
Meruyert Bizhanova, AAO Fellow

  • Effective decision-making
  • Financial literacy
  • Study techniques

Marathon Feedback

Our Partners

Senior speakers from different NU Departments and Schools, NU Student Government, and non-profit organizations will provide insights and guidance on curricular and strategic issues.

The key to success is to focus on your goals, not obstacles

Why attend the Marathon?

Watch the video feedback from the Marathon Participants - Nuriman Kassymkhan (September 2022) and Venera Shansharbayeva (October 2022)