Advising sessions

The Academic Advising Office provides advising and support to first and second-year undergraduate students to ensure their successful academic progress.

You can schedule an appointment with academic advisors to discuss questions or concerns related to academic performance, academic probation, transfer decisions, University policies and procedures, course scheduling and major requirements, as well as campus life. Academic advisors offer individual both online and offline appointments.

For the advising session, you can schedule appointments online via Google Calendar on our website. Follow the required prompts below to schedule an appointment.

Instructions on How to Make an Appointment with your Academic Advisor
Every Advisor has her own schedule of time slots for appointments in Google Calendar. The link for this calendar can be found below or in the signature part of the Advisor’s email (please make sure the calendar is in the appropriate time zone).
After pressing the link and opening the calendar, time slots of 30 minutes each will appear, so that you can choose the available time to meet/talk with your Advisor. All appointments must be made at least 1 hour before the session.
Choose the relevant slots in Calendar of the advisor. For in-person session a room number will appear in the window for booking. If you are not able to attend the advising session in-person, you can still choose a slot, and inform your advisor that you want an online session. The advisor will then send a link to Zoom. 
If you are for some reasons unable to attend the appointment you've already booked, please cancel it immediately, so that the time slot you have scheduled will be available for other students.
Video Instructions
  • Students are encouraged to use their NU email account for making an appointment.
  • Students must select an appointment time at least one hour in advance of when they schedule.
  • To cancel an appointment, view your upcoming appointment on Google calendar and click "cancel” so that it is available for other students.
  • If the advisor needs to cancel an appointment, you will be notified by email.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your advisor directly or email us at for assistance.

We look forward to meeting you soon and happy to answer any questions to ensure your first-year experience at NU is smooth and positive. See you soon!

Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor