Mentorship Program
We help freshmen to get acquainted with the university life and feel better
knowing that they have senior mentors whom they can always refer to and ask for help, as well as develop certain skills that mentees would like to excel at.

Welcome to our Peer Mentorship Program

Improve your grades

Together with your mentor you can plan your studies

Create memories

You can have conversations with your mentor on different topics

Study together

Your mentor can help you overcome difficulties

Make friends

Your mentor can become your good friend

Come meet us up close

Malika Mussatayeva
Team Leader
3rd year, Civil and Environmental Engineering

I decided to become a Peer Mentor because now I know a lot of things about university life and want to share them with freshmen. It is always important to help and direct someone  who does not know what to do and who is afraid of doing new things. I want to try my best in helping new students with their adaptation to a new environment and people. I am interested in dancing, learning new languages and self-development and will be glad to know each of you.
Malike Zharmukhambet
Team Leader
4th year, World Languages, Literature and Cultures

Coming from a regular Kazakh school, I had no experience in writing research papers and giving academic presentations in English, so I struggled to keep up with my Nu peers who were excellent academically. I had constant stress and panic attacks due to the new academic discourse, deadlines, and responsibilities that were placed on my shoulders. However, by finding the right technique for studying and managing my time, I was able to make significant progress and even got a dean's list. Yet, I believe that if I had a mentor with me at the time, my transition could have been less stressful and more enjoyable. As such, I am willing to be a Peer-Mentor to share my immense experience with freshmen students in order to soften their transition and make their experience more pleasant. If I can help, do not hesitate to contact me! My interests: acting, drawing, singing, learning languages: Spanish, Chinese, Korean.
Daryn Amangeldiyev
Team Leader
3rd year, Political Science and International Relations

A lot of students have struggled with understanding the desired major and what kind of society the university represents. For some, it might be mind-shifting and an uncomfortable, or time-consuming process. Therefore, I became a Peer-Mentor to save precious time for the freshmen students and improve the quality of the student life at NU. If I can be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact me! Interests: political science and international relations, political research, Korean language, academic writing, literature, and human rights.

Join our mentorship program, if you are/have:

 – a 3rd/4th-year student 

– in a good academic standing 

– good communication skills 

– a friendly, welcoming attitude 

The basic responsibilities:

– willingness to share your knowledge

– to help freshmen students with their academic and social experience at the university  

– interactions (time, venue, format) are agreed with both sides

– duration is one semester

The benefits of being a Mentor: 

– learn more about NU and contribute to the better experience of the first-year students

– professional references and letters of recommendation upon successful completion (asset for your graduate application) 

– gain valuable experience working in a professional setting, close interaction with the AAO and the Office of the Registrar staff


If interested, please send your resume to 


This is a semester-long program, which will help you to learn the best experiences of the academic and social life from mentors, highly competent junior and senior students. 

Our mentors will guide you through the academic and social life during your first semester and help you to adapt to the University environment.

If interested, please send email to