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AAO Fellows will resume advising sessions in the Spring'24 semester.
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Welcome to the AAO Fellows' page! AAO Fellows are knowledgeable about course requirements for the major and minor, as well as the extracurricular opportunities, campus resources and services for NU students.

AAO Fellows welcome all students who would like assistance with any of the following tasks:
  • Selecting courses and course registration hacks
  • Understanding the academic major or minor requirements
  • Diving into student life
  • Finding extracurricular opportunities
  • Identifying relevant academic and support campus services
  • Etc.
Who are AAO Fellows?

  • AAO Fellows are well-trained sophomore and junior students from all majors who work at NU AAO throughout the academic year to support students in their first year of studies at NU. AAO Fellows offer guidance and advice to freshman students - as they progress through course selection, major choice, get involved in university life, and search for research, internship and career opportunities.
  • AAO Fellows work under the supervision of AAO Advisors, and are trained to provide accurate information and advice about NU majors, course selections, transfer decisions, UG policies and procedures, and extracurricular activities.

How to contact AAO Fellows?

They are available during the times below by scheduled appt, as well as, e-mail.

Email: aao_ssfteam@nu.edu.kz

2023-2024 AAO Fellows Team
Nazerke Abdrakhmanova
2nd year, Mathematics
Hometown: Aktobe
I really enjoy connecting with people and making new acquaintances. I've always been the type of person who strikes up a conversation with someone new at social gatherings or even in everyday situations. It's incredible how many fascinating stories and experiences people have to share :)

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Karlygash Mukanova
3rd year, World Languages, Linguistics and Culture
Hometown: Astana
I can give time-management tips, tell you about my exchange program experience, and talk about clubs at NU. I will be happy to see you all and hear your concerns/experiences at university so far! You can even come and talk to me about kpop and kdramas, but you will have to book several slots as I will have a lot of things to say and ask :))

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Yergen Yerkinuly
3rd year, Economics
Hometown: Uralsk
Hey there, first-year superstars! Feeling a bit lost in the academic jungle? Swing by our Academic Advising office! We've got the inside scoop on courses, schedules, and all the academic adventures ahead. Let's make your college journey a legendary one – drop in for a chat!

The story of how I got my major mixed up.
When applying to the university, I could not find the major of "economics" in the list of suggested ones and chose "mathematics", thinking that economics is included in the list of specialization of mathematics. I found out that I chose the wrong major and had to choose "undeclared" only during the Orientation Week and transferred to another major in 3 days. That was an incredibly exciting launch into university life!

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Dilnaz Muratbek
2nd year, Economics
Hometown: Semey
Hi! I would be happy to meet you on my sessions and share my experience & knowledge.
We can talk about course selection, student life, about Economics as a major or anything else that concerns you.
My hobbies include learning Spanish & Turkish languages, and also I like watching Turkish series and listening to Turkish songs (we can discuss them as well)

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Sabina Khabdullina
2nd year, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Hometown: Petropavlovsk
Hi! I'm thrilled to be available for appointments and support you during your freshman year. Whether it's academic concerns, non-academic challenges, or navigating your first year, I'm here to assist and guide you through this exciting journey.

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