AAO Alumni Association
At the NU AAO Alumni Association, we believe members of the AAO Student Support Fellowship program will be connected for life. Academic Advising Office will always stay a part of our story - it is where we made our friends, helped peers succeed in their studies, and earned communication, advising & networking skills. Hope you will join us!
Goal of the Association
Promote AAO Alumni Success, make a direct connection between AAO and Alumni, organize AAO events in cooperation with AAO Alumni to help first-year students succeed in their studies and networking
Mission of the Association
  • Keep the lively relationship with AAO Student Support Fellowship program alumni by informing and engaging them in the AAO activities, and maintain their connection to Nazarbayev University and AAO to contribute towards its success.
AAO Alumni Benefits
When you join the AAO Team, you automatically become a member of the AAO Alumni Association. As members of the Association, we hope to help you further your careers and provide a global network for all to stay connected. This also means that you will receive valuable benefits through our membership. Here are the benefits and perks through the AAO Alumni Association.
Give back to the NU Community
  • Members can participate in the AAO events as Guest Speakers & honored guests
Keep AAO Alumni connected globally
  • Members have a great networking opportunity - we have more than 300 members in our Association!
Become a mentor for AAO Student Support Fellowship (SSF) Team Members
  • Members can help the AAO team to share experience and teach new members of the AAO Student Team
Keep the AAO spirit alive
  • Guide the current members of AAO Student Support Fellowship Program (SSF) to advance their advising & communication skills and share your story of the life after AAO
  • As a peer-advisor we would have a privilege to help our peers with their course audit as well as advise on some of the other academic questions they might have - but you always had to make sure that you are discrete with this information and that your peers can trust you with their academic confidential information - a skill easily transferable to many careers.
    Nursultan Kalybek
    Hypertherm, Corporate Development and Strategy team, and Master's in Finance at the University of Rochester, USA
  • I joined AAO to be a freshmen’s guide, the one I didn’t have and much needed in my first year. Having more experience and networking, I could consult students on future job opportunities with a chosen major. In other words, I shared the advice I had craved for but gained on my own experience, sometimes later than needed.
    Tomiris Mashan
    Masters Student in Comparative Social Research at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

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