All first-year students in SSH (Economics, PSIR, Anthropology, History, Sociology, WLL) declare their major after they completed the first two semesters.
In order to declare your major, please make sure to check the information below and fill out the google form attached.
Major declaration schedule
Note: Students have 3 attempts to declare their major. The main pool of students declare their majors in May. As for the remaining attempts, please make sure to inform and plan your major declaration with your advisor.
First attempt
After the Spring semester
May 12-18
It is recommended to declare a major at the end of the Spring semester.
Second attempt
After the Summer term
July 25-August 1
If a student isn't able to declare his/her major at the end of the Spring semester, he/she has a chance to declare after the Summer term.
Last attempt
After the Fall semester of the
2nd year of studies
December 2-14
If a student isn't able to declare his/her major at the end of the Summer term and decides to stay Undeclared SSH in the Fall semester of 2nd year, he/she has to meet with his/her advisor and discuss his/her major declaration plan.
This option must be approved by your advisor.
Major Confirmation
  • SSH Science students (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics) do not need to fill in any forms.
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will continue your studies in your major. Your grades and GPA (if required) will be checked by the AAO.
  • Students who could not satisfy the requirements by the end of the Summer term will be automatically transferred to SSH Undeclared at the end of the Summer term.
If you have any trouble in accessing the forms or any, please email to