Group Advising 
Apart from regular individual advising sessions with academic advisors, students can meet with their peers in an informal and friendly atmosphere. 
Majors Fair
Annual event provides an opportunity to students explore different majors by engaging in conversation with faculty and listening to their presentation 
Academic Integrity
AAO and SG Ministry of Education (MOE) conducted a series of workshops on the topic “Misconduct is closer than you think” and "Dodge the misconduct". We have shared valuable information on the types of cheating, misconduct categories, penalties for breaching academic integrity, and how the appeal processes are arranged.
Freshman Marathon Challenge
One of the pilot AAO projects for the Fall 2022 semester has been the introduction of the Freshman Marathon Challenge, which was designed for all first-year students eager to learn new things, improve their skills, and make a change in their lives for a better future.
Student Support Fellowship Program
Student Support Fellowship Program is a year long commitment project. If you are a junior or senior student willing to share your knowledge and experience and by doing so, help other students - then we gladly invite you to SSF Program. Recruitment is on hold at the moment, and will resume in the summer.
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