Faculty Advisors
Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors are members of departments to which students belong according to their selected path/major. Undergraduate students are assigned to faculty advisors in the beginning of their second year as second advisors and play the roles of mentors for students. Questions related to major, graduation, and career can be addressed to faculty advisors on individual sessions or via email.

How It Works
Academic Advisors
Advise all first- and second-year undergraduate students
End of the first year
Students either declare/confirm or progress to their second year, and faculty advisors are assigned as second advisors
Faculty Advisors
Faculty becomes the advisors starting from their second year until students' graduation
What Do Faculty Advisors Do?
  • Individual Approach
    The advisor should seek to establish a personal, genuine, and open relationship with advisees. This relationship should foster mutual respect and good communication so that advisees are comfortable seeking assistance and confident in the advising provided.
  • Availability to Advising
    Provide ongoing advising to students assigned to him/her. This means establishing specific office hours to be available for advising students face-to-face, as well as phone call and email, if needed. It is especially crucial that a student’s advisor be available during pre-registration and registration times.
  • Ensure Confidentiality
    Understand the University Core Curriculum and program requirements for graduation and/or transfer, and maintain the confidential nature of the advisor/advisee relationship.
  • Good Support
    Learn and use the associated technology that supports advising and registration (MyRegistrar, Online Advising module). Be familiar with the academic calendar, the registration process, and academic policies to be able to provide the student with specific and accurate information.
  • Unique Experience
    Assist your advisees with selection of courses each semester to ensure that
    they are meeting graduation requirements and are making satisfactory academic progress (including internships, academic mobility, research and other options that are specific to the major).
  • Effective Services
    Provide referrals to any advisee needing particular University support services (AAO, DSS, CAC, HWC, Bursar’s Office, etc.)
Frequently Asked Questions by Students
  • Q: 
    How do I find my faculty advisor?
    Visit https://registrar.nu.edu.kz/. After you log in the system, go to Personal Schedule. Your advisor's name is written under Academic Info. Refer to information given in Adviser 1. 
  • Q: 
    How can I contact my faculty advisor?
    Students can contact their faculty advisors via email or by visit during Office Hours. When sending an email message, make sure to use an NU corporate email. 
  • Q:
    Can I contact my previous academic advisor or contact AAO?
    Yes, academic advisors can help you with the transfer process and other general requests. However, major specific topics should be addressed to faculty advisors.

Faculty Advising Handbook 2023-2024