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AAO Tutors will resume tutoring sessions in the Spring'24 semester.
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Supporting extended classroom learning

Welcome to the AAO Tutors' page! AAO Tutors are experienced sophomore and junior students of different majors helping freshmen engage their active learning and develop critical thinking skills. Tutors help students learn how to learn and find answers on their own. They also provide assistance with skills outside the course content to teach note-taking skills, reading strategies, and writing tips.

This semester, AAO Tutors hold meetings one-to-one and in a group with students to teach the academic content on CHEM101, PHYS161, ECON101, ECON102, CSCI151, MATH161, MATH273, MATH274, MATH251 courses.

Please be advised that not all classes are supported by AAO Tutoring.

How to contact AAO Tutors?

They are available during the times below by scheduled appt, as well as, e-mail.

Email: aao_ssfteam@nu.edu.kz

Watch this video to listen to the student feedback about the AAO Tutoring Program!

Tutoring is a free resource and service offered through the Academic Advising Office (AAO) to supplement existing academic success and support services provided by the NU Faculty.
Peer tutoring targets our highest demand courses through open tutoring sessions.

If you need help in a class, you're not alone! We offer peer tutoring programs to help you succeed with your academic goals.
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Email: aao_ssfteam@nu.edu.kz