5th year is a paid year with a few exceptions
Students may be considered for the fifth year of study if they are unable to meet graduation requirements by the end of the last semester of their final year and are expected to be able to complete their degree within one additional year of study.
  • The academic year for 5th-year students who were admitted in 2019 starts on August 2023 (Fall semester)
    All academic requirements for graduation must be completed within Fall and Spring semester of the fifth year.
  • School will need to confirm your 5th year by the Approval of the Office of the Provost, not all students will be allowed by default
    The Vice Dean in each School will approve the final list of fifth year students
  • Allowed only take the required courses confirmed by your School, no additional courses
    A fifth year student is not allowed to change their schedule, drop or add courses or withdraw from their schedule.
  • Possibility to apply for the dorm placement
    Housing may be provided with accommodation on campus during a student’s fifth year of study depending on availability.
  • Summer term 2023 is included in your scholarship
  • No min number of credits for 5th year students, max number of credits – 36 ECTS per semester
  • No course withdrawals allowed during 5th year study
  • No stipends are paid during 5th year
For any questions on the procedures and criteria please contact AAO advisors:

Almira Zholamanova

Aikerim Daurenbayeva

For checking your remaining credits and courses and information on passing grades please contact your School office:

Beknur Karagul
Room: 8.207

Aigerim Kuttubayeva

For questions on tuition fee payment, contacts signing and confirmation of your SVC status please contact Bursar’s office:

Aisulu Tuktybayeva
Room: 1248B, Block 1