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Group advising sessions are created for all undergraduate students who would like to meet new friends and familiarize themselves with NU resources. The aim of group advising is to discuss specific topics with students, advisors and share their common concerns, opinions and experiences. Joined by AAO fellows and other special guests, sessions will be held in a fun and informative format, with games, open discussions, and engaging group activities.
Group Advising provides students with the opportunity to: 
Increase awareness of Student Services 
Address student’s needs and concerns 
Develop student’s skills and knowledge 
Networking with other students
How It Works
You can sign up for a group advising session for your topic of interest.
You can find a schedule with planned sessions for the upcoming semester below.

To sign up for the session you should choose the topic that you would like to participate in. The registration link will be available close to the session.

Once you sign up for the session, please expect an email confirmation from AAO with the location of the meeting and other details. Please let us know via email if you won’t be able to join the session.

Book a session

The name of the session
Developing Good Time Management Skills

By mastering time management, individuals can enhance their efficiency, reduce stress, and achieve a better work-life balance. This skill set empowers individuals to make the most of their time, meet deadlines consistently, and create a more organized and fulfilling life. So, let's meet and talk about popular time management techniques and share your experience.
18 Jan, 4 pm
Wellness & Selfcare

By incorporating habits like regular exercise, adequate sleep, and mindfulness, students can enhance focus, manage stress, and cultivate a positive mindset. Prioritizing wellness supports a more balanced and resilient approach to academic challenges, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more fulfilling student life. Join us for an open discussion and helpful advice from your peers and AAO advisors
26 Jan, 4 pm
Tips to help you study effectively

During this session, advisors, fellows, and students will share their experiences on learning and their study habits and help to develop practical study strategies that will help you achieve your academic goals during your study.

1 Feb, 4 pm
Goal Setting & Planning

Goal setting and planning are essential tools for student success. Set clear and achievable objectives to guide your academic journey. Let's meet and discuss useful strategies together!

16 Feb, 4 pm
Networking skills

Networking skills for students are essential for building a foundation for future success. These skills involve cultivating relationships with peers, professors, and professionals in their field of study. During the session, we will talk about effective networking skills and techniques.

29 Feb, 4 pm
Build Confidence

Confidence is an important and valued trait. A lack of confidence can be difficult, but there are ways to improve it. During the session, we will talk about ways to build confidence and its importance.

29 Mar, 4 pm