Academic Probation
Support Group
Support Groups for students placed on academic probation
Support Group Sessions are designed for 1st time academic probation students of Undergraduate studies. The goal of the project is to normalize academic probation and at the same time inform students about what AP is and how they can get off it.
Support Group Session is a format of open sessions and a common ground for students to discuss students' common issues, concerns, share their experiences, learn, encourage and motivate each other. It is a platform where guests who have previously been in academic probation share their story and what has helped them and how they overcome certain challenges along this journey of getting back to good academic standing. It will also be a chance for students to share their thoughts.

Our main takeaway from this project is that students do not always know the clear cut understanding of what academic probation is and for some of them it is the end of everything where they give up on their studies thinking there is no way out. With the help of these sessions, we wanted to ensure that every student that attended the sessions was informed about the general rules but also felt comfortable to share their thoughts and concerns and felt motivated to keep up the hard work.

Support Group Schedule

We assure that it is a safe zone and everyone's opinion, concerns and recommendations are more than welcome. Session will be by sign up and location will be sent via email.