Fall 2022
Check out the semester highlights!

November 25, 2022

AAO has successfully completed the Group Advising sessions for the Fall semester. During the sessions, students were able to meet their peers, get more knowledge on specific topics, ask questions from AAO fellows and advisors, socialize and learn more about NU resources. Besides that, they learned to work with a team and achieve the same goals. Also, students shared their concerns, fears, and funny stories, they encouraged each other and understood that they are not alone.

In total, we had 21 sessions and more than 100 participants in the Fall semester. We are trying to choose topics that will interest the students. The aim of each session is to deliver new information to students and help them to develop their skills. At the beginning of the semester, we started with “Meet & Greet with your advisor” sessions where each advisor had 2 sessions with their advisees. We also covered the below topics:

Group Advising Feedback