Peer Tutoring

Goals & Structure

  • The goal of peer tutoring is to help students engage their own active learning and critical thinking skills.
  • Tutors will not give away answers, instead they will help students learn how to find the answers on their own.
  • In some cases, tutors may assist students with academic skills outside course content, such as note-taking skills, textbook reading strategies, or time management.

In Spring 2022 we provide three types of tutoring services:

24/7 open Telegram chats on each course with tutors available to answer your questions
One-to-one appointments via Zoom (please schedule the meeting with tutors in advance either by sending them an email or in the chat)
Midterm and Final Exam Night group sessions
If you need help in a class, you're not alone! We offer peer tutoring programs to help you succeed with your academic goals.

Telegram Group Chats

Our team

Fatima Fazyl

4th year, Biological Sciences
Team Leader
Despite being a Biology major student, I have been able to take a course in programming which I believe gave me a broad educational background. I am motivated to join the Peer Tutoring program because it provides an excellent opportunity to share my love of learning with you and help you work through the same issues I struggled with in CSCI 151. I am here to clear up your queries and cannot wait to support you on your academic journey!

Zariat Shatkenova

2nd year, Biological Sciences

Team Leader

We all go through the path of a freshman and I know how difficult it can be. Why did I decide to become a tutor? I want to help students get through this stress and make a contribution to their development. The language of math is one of the most beautiful and concise languages that describes our entire existence. As a tutor, I hope that I can help you understand this language, gain valuable experience and become a part of the NU community.

Darya Taratynova

2nd year, Mathematics

Peer tutor of MATH 161

In the previous year, I was a freshman whose first mathematics classes were in online mode, so throughout the year, I worked on methods of succeeding in math classes. Also, I was a peer tutor of MATH161 in Spring 2021, and I enjoyed helping other students with a deep understanding of theory and practice problems. I want to share my experience and support you in your beginning of exploring mathematics I would be glad to answer any math-related questions, work deeply on practice problems and make concepts clear to you. I hope that we can work together on enhancing your academic performance in these difficult times 🙂

Rauan Amirzhanov

2nd year, Mathematics

Peer tutor of MATH 161

As a seasoned Math sophomore, it is my pleasure to offer the calming influence and additional expert support that some students will most need while studying online. 
Since I experienced online learning during my first year at university, I understand that it can be difficult for freshmen to not only properly assimilate knowledge from the course and succeed in their academic performance, but also to deal with non-academic problems. Therefore, I decided to become a peer tutor to share my knowledge, experience, and also offer you new learning strategies.

Nurkhan Laiyk

2nd year Mathematics,

Peer tutor of MATH 162

During my freshman year, I also faced many difficulties with my courses, and former peer tutors helped me to resolve them. That’s why I would also like to share my knowledge to assist you with your courses. Hopefully, I will be able to help you to gain valuable experience.
Nazerke Zhardemova
2nd year, Mathematics
Peer tutor of MATH162
My freshman year was full of hardships caused by the online-learning environment. However, despite that, I managed to adapt and develop a deep understanding of course material. Therefore now I genuinely wish to assist first-year students on their math-learning and university-life journey by sharing my knowledge and experience. Calculus II is an extremely engaging course, and I hope I will help students to turn it into a highlight of their first year in NU.
Aruzhan Umar
2nd year, Mathematics
Peer tutor of ECON101
Based on the experience of my peers and my own experience, introduction to microeconomics was one of the most challenging courses during the first year. Because of this, as a peer tutor, I want to help students cope with the problems they will face in econ 101 and gain a deeper understanding of the subject. I hope I can bring benefits and we will achieve great results.

Ulan Kaiyrbay

3rd year, Mathematics

Peer tutor of ECON 101

Why did I want to become the Peer tutor for ECON 101? Well, I believe in the equilibrium of knowledge. In other words, you have to give back as much as you can because some time ago someone gave back to you. I think this is partly my way to give back to our wonderful community. ECON 101 is the fundamental subject for the future courses that freshmen will take, so I want to help you make sure that you understand the basics before going advanced"
Alima Tulenbergenova
2nd year, Economics
Peer tutor of ECON102

I understand how freshmen may struggle during their first year at university, especially when study is online. By becoming a peer tutor I want to help first-year students with not only understanding the macroeconomic concepts but generally guide them through the major and opportunities they may gain as an Economics student. Let’s study together and enjoy learning!

Malika Shamgunova

4th year, Economics
Peer tutor of CSCI 151
I am really excited to join this amazing program as a Peer Tutor. Personally, I believe that contribution to society is an important aspect of life. I know how difficult it is to be a first-year student and adapt to university life. Hence, I am ready to share this experience with you. As a tutor, I hope I can help you understand the topic and answer your questions.

Batyrkhan Abukhanov

2nd year, Computer Science
Peer tutor of CSCI 151
Considering current circumstances, I understand how difficult it could be to study at NU. Moreover, I perfectly understand how complicated Computer Science courses for people with no background in programming are. I believe that I have enough experience and knowledge to help freshmen taking CSCI 151 by making it more comprehensive. Therefore, I decided to become a Peer Tutor of CSCI 151. I hope we can work on and achieve outstanding academic excellence together. 

Darkhan Nurzhakyp

2nd year, Computer Science

Peer tutor of CSCI 152

Being a Computer Scientist or a working IT-specialist, it is essential to know Data Structures. This is one of the most crucial things that helps in understanding the nature of any problem. That’s the thing you will be 100% asked about when applying for an internship. As I went through it as a freshman, I want to give students a proper understanding of why you should ace "Performance & Data Structures" class, so that you won’t waste your precious time. I hope you will be engaged in learning this course and find yourself excited about solving problems!
Vitaliy Konstantinov
3rd year, Computer Science
Peer tutor of CSCI 152
I was lucky enough to experience being both a peer tutor and one of the Peer Tutoring Program leaders, and comparing both positions, I would most likely prefer the role of tutor. Back in the Spring of 2020, I was doing my best to explain the concepts of the "Performance and Data Structures" course. For me, the best part of it was seeing the gratitude of the freshmen and hearing them later say, "Oh, I remember you, you taught one of the CS courses for us a year ago!" :D. This year I decided to join the peer tutoring team again. I find the topics of the CSCI 152 course extremely important for any computer scientist or software engineer, and now I look forward to helping our first-year students understand these topics this semester so that they excel in their future studies and careers.

Mendikhan Orazbay

2nd year, Physics
Peer tutor of PHYS 161
My main reason for becoming Peer Tutor is to support novices with understanding the fundamental physics concepts and show the direct connection with our daily life experience. During my first year of studying, I struggled with the online part of the PHYS 161, especially with the Loncapa program. Therefore, I hope my experience will help first-year students and contribute to the NU community. 

Аргын Ергалиев

3rd year, Physics

Peer tutor of PHYS 162

I would like to help the students to understand better the topics of the PHYS162 course. It is always good to have a strong base of the topics from this course for engineers, physicists, and other related majors. The integration of calculus into physics can be challenging, but I want to show that most of it is intuitive, based on basic rules, and result in a simple solution.

Altynay Abdizhamil

3rd year, Biological Sciences

Peer tutor of CHEM 101

When I was a freshman, I had a perception that General Chemistry was a nightmare. Knowing that some of you may feel the same motivated me to share my experience and knowledge. I passed this course quite well, I am aware of all challenges, I am ready to answer all your questions. My goal is to help you through this and make chemistry simple. Thus I am really looking forward to working and getting to know you.

Mira Abdrakhmanova

3rd year, Biological Sciences

Peer tutor of CHEM 102

My freshman year was really exciting as well as challenging, especially when I struggled a lot when I was passing the General Chemistry course. Therefore, I really want to help current freshman students and share my experience with them. I also want to see how I can apply the knowledge I received in the last few years and help students to improve their grades!
Dulat Minas

2nd year, Biological Sciences

Peer tutor of CHEM 102

Oh, did you think you did something after passing General Chemistry I? A second boss is yet to be beaten called CHEM102. But let me tell you it has extremely interesting course material! I became a peer tutor since I love teaching, and I am here to show that you don't need to be an olympiad winner to get a good grade! My job is to help students ace CHEM102 and continue exploring the chemistry world. Let’s pass General Chemistry II together.