How to Make an Appointment with Academic Advisor
Appointments with Academic Advisors are made online through Zoom platform.
Go to the registrar website, Home->My registrar->Personal schedule. On this webpage, in the upper left corner, you will find Academic Info. There is information about your advisor(s). If you are unsure about your Advisor, please email to:
Every Advisor has his/her own schedule of time slots for appointments in Google Calendar. The link for this calendar can be found below or in the signature part of the Advisor’s email (please make sure the calendar is in the appropriate time zone)
After pressing the link and opening the calendar, time slots of 30 minutes each will appear, so that you can choose the available time to meet/talk with your Advisor. All appointments must be made at least 1 hour before the session.
After you schedule an appointment, at least 10 minutes before the advising session your Advisor will send an invitation link for the Zoom conference with details.
Before connecting to the Zoom appointment with your Advisor, please make sure the sound is on.
If you are for some reasons unable to join the Zoom appointment, please inform your Advisor immediately, so that the time slot you have scheduled will be available for other students.

Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor

Almira Zholamanova
Academic advisor
Beknur Karagul
Academic advisor
Aikerim Daurenbayeva
Academic advisor
Aina Nurtanova
Academic advisor
Ainura Yakupova
Academic advisor