Undergraduate Core Curriculum Framework (UCCF)
The UCCF was designed to create common curricular elements that unite to deliver a common educational experience to all NU students, leaving an indelible NU brand and ensuring all of our undergraduates develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that will position them for future success.
Broaden the academic experience of NU undergraduate students
Encourage the development of the NU Graduate Attributes, and inter- disciplinary thinking and skills through shared experiences
Conform to the accreditation requirements of NU undergraduate fields of study
The Core Curriculum Learning Outcomes 
Upon successful completion of the Core Curriculum, students will be able to:
Communicate fluently in the English Language
Demonstrate competence in the Kazakh Language
Describe and interpret major events in Kazakh and Kazakhstani history
Demonstrate knowledge of the natural and social sciences
Apply numerical and digital literacy skills
Apply skills in business, design and entrepreneurial thinking
Use research skills and methods to complete projects
Identify ethical and leadership issues and take appropriate actions